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Welcome to the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS web museum. Let me introduce myself. I'm Fabrizio, the curator of this online museum. I have been a fan of all types of technology since I was young. This museum is dedicated to the conservation, documentation and sharing of technology of all these objects that have made the history of Texas Instruments and beyond !! Much of the technology we enjoy today, such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and a host of other devices with a microprocessor "brain", has its genesis in the technologies developed following tenacious experiments.

This museum is always looking for watches, calculators, games, computers of historical interest. If you have one of these objects made especially in the 20th century, the museum may be interested. If you have something that seems to fit these interests and you are looking for a new home, contact us with information about your object.


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If you have the opportunity to support those who work for free in this museum NO PROFIT

with a donation  CONTAC US ! For each donation over $ 12 via KO-FI, a calculator and gadget for free !!