ec 2001Model: EC-2001 desktop
Battery: 2 x D cells
Adapter: 6 volt adapter
Year: 1978
Chip: TMC1073NL          
Info: Radio Shack 

ec 201Model: EC-201
Battery: 9 volt
Year: 1979
Chip: TMS0972          



radio shack EC 314Model: EC-314 Kosmos 2 
Battery: 2 x AA
Year: 1979
Chip:  TMC1172NL          
Info: Same version of the kosmos 2, but with the radio brand shack, 
Kosmos International, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia introduced with the Kosmos 1 already in the year 1977 a pocket-sized biorhythm calculator.On a first glance you notice the original calculator keypad and the three „sine-waves“ representing our:

• Physical Cycle (P)
• Emotional Cycle (S)
• Intellectual Cycle (I)

This Kosmos 2 was introduced in 1979 as the successor of the original design and obviously was the result of some cost reduction programs: 

• The 6 red and amber LED's at the end of the three "sine-waves" were omitted
• The housing feels much cheaper
• Manufacturing was moved from Japan to Taiwan


ec 4000Model: EC-4000
Battery: BP6 , BP7
Adapter: AC9131, AC9132
Year: 1979
Chip: TMC1501          
Info:The Radio Shack EC-4000 does not only look like an early TI-57 Programmable, it's 100% identical. Please notice that Texas Instruments used in Italy a simple sticker instead the molded TI-logo and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS nameplate found with the US-built TI-57 Programmable.


ec 425Model: EC-425
Battery: 3 x AA nicd
Adapter: AC9130 
Year: 1974
Chip: TMS0120
Info: The EC-425 is easily identified as a close relative of the TI SR-10, as is the Montgomery Ward P300. Both calculators use the same electronics, the same layout of the keyboard and even an identical mold for the housing bottom. The different look is achieved through a new mold for the upper half of the housing, shared with the Ward P300, and a different color of the function keys.