F a c e l e TI99 / 4A
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My first computer given to my father!


Released:June 1981

Price: US$525 (without monitor)

How many:2.8 Million

CPU:TI TMS9900, 3MHz

Memory:16K RAM, 26K ROM

Sound: 3: channels + effect

Joystick: 2

Display:Video via an RF modulator 32 characters by 24 lines text 192 X 256, 16 color graphics

Ports:ROM cartridge (on front) Data storage cassette Audio/Video output Joystick input CPU bus expansion

Peripherals:Speech Synthesizer Peripheral Expansion Box Data storage cassette 300 baud modem





1 TMS9900 CPU central process unit
2 TMS9918A VDP video display processor
3 TMS9901 HW Interface
4 Grom Chips CD2155/CD2156/CD2157
5 TMS9919/SN94624 Sound Chips
6 8 x TMS4116 RAM Chips
7 TMS9904 Clock Generator
8 2 x 4k ROM chips  (1501392-26)
9 2 x 128 byte MCM6810P Scratch-pad RAM
10 Command Module Connector ( cartridges )
11 Cassette Port
12 Video Port
13 Joystick Port
14 Keyboard Connector
15 Expansion Port