canon pocketronicModel: Pocketronic Canon
Battery:  6*NiCd AA + 7*NiCd 2/3AA

Adapter:  Charger 21
Year: 1972
Chip: TMC1730, TMC1731, TMC1732, SN21893
Manual: icona pdf ITA
made in Japan .
Canon immediately understood the Texas Instruments project started in September 1965 and ended in 1967 of Cal-Tech's potential. Together they developed the Canon Pocketronic, the first calculator based on LSI (Large Scale Scale Integrated) circuits. Three LSI circuits were needed to have a calculation capacity of 12 digits, 8 integers and 4 decimals.The calculator was manufactured in Japan but uses many components produced by Texas Instruments. In addition to the LSI circuits, they used the print head for thermal paper and transistors.