astroModel: Astro
Battery: 2 x AA alkaline
Year: 1979
Chip:  TMS1470NL/MP1133          
Astro by Kosmos International, Inc. is the World's first hand-held astrological computer. Astro provides information based not only on the Sun like daily newspaper horoscopes but on the positions of three additional planets which have a major influence on the life: Mercury, Venus and Mars:

• Sun symbolizes motivation, identity and goals
• Mercury is the thinking function. It indicates the manner in which person communicates thoughts and perceptions
• Venus rules emotions and indicates a person's social values - who and what he likes and how he likes it
• Mars is action, defining drive and initiative

The key features of the Astro include:

• Natal Horoscope  Astro gives the Zodiac positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars on the date of birth for any person. With this information you can have instant insight into any individual's personality.
• Astrological Compatibility  Astro compares the personality traits of any two people for an indication of compatibility. Green lights appear when traits are similar. Yellow lights appear when traits are different or in conflict.
• Daily Horoscopes  Astro computes the astrological conditions for any day - between date of birth and December 31, 1999 - and compares them with your astrological makeup. If conditions are  agreeable to your personality, a green light will appear. Yellow lights indicate a difference between prevailing influences and your personal needs. 

The Astro was the most advanced product in Kosmos' product line of Kosmos 1, Kosmos 2, Mini-BIO, BIO-Clock and this Astro. Even Radio Shack (a Tandy corporation company), a large US based store chain selling electronic products and parts, distributed the Astro in a slightly different design.