ec 201Model: EC-200
Battery: 4 x 1,5 AA / 4 x 1,2 Ni-Cd
Year: 1973
Chip:  TMS0109 or TMS0103, 2*SN75491, 2*SN75492          



ec 2001Model: EC-2001 desktop
Battery: 2 x D cells
Adapter: 6 volt adapter
Year: 1978
Chip: TMC1073NL          
Info: Radio Shack 

ec 201Model: EC-201
Battery: 9 volt
Year: 1979
Chip: TMS0972          



radio shack EC 314Model: EC-314 Kosmos 2 
Battery: 2 x AA
Year: 1979
Chip:  TMC1172NL          
Info: Same version of the kosmos 2, but with the radio brand shack, 
Kosmos International, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia introduced with the Kosmos 1 already in the year 1977 a pocket-sized biorhythm calculator.On a first glance you notice the original calculator keypad and the three „sine-waves“ representing our:

• Physical Cycle (P)
• Emotional Cycle (S)
• Intellectual Cycle (I)

This Kosmos 2 was introduced in 1979 as the successor of the original design and obviously was the result of some cost reduction programs: 

• The 6 red and amber LED's at the end of the three "sine-waves" were omitted
• The housing feels much cheaper
• Manufacturing was moved from Japan to Taiwan


ec 4000Model: EC-4000
Battery: BP6 , BP7
Adapter: AC9131, AC9132
Year: 1979
Chip: TMC1501          
Info:The Radio Shack EC-4000 does not only look like an early TI-57 Programmable, it's 100% identical. Please notice that Texas Instruments used in Italy a simple sticker instead the molded TI-logo and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS nameplate found with the US-built TI-57 Programmable.