c16 00The Commodore 16 is a home computer made by Commodore International with a 6502-compatible 7501 or 8501 CPU, released in 1984 and intended to be an entry-level computer to replace the VIC-20. A cost-reduced version, the Commodore 116, was mostly sold in Europe.

The C16 and C116 belong to the same family as the higher-end Plus/4 and are internally very similar to it (albeit with less RAM - 16 rather than 64 KB - and lacking the Plus/4's user port and Three plus one software). Software is generally compatible among all three provided it can fit within the C16's smaller RAM and does not utilize the user port on the Plus/4.

c16 01While the C16 was a failure on the US market, it enjoyed some success in certain European countries and Mexico. 


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