amaze a tron 00bankshot 01bankshot 02amaze a tron 02Amaze-A-Tron is an electronic board game with eight variations that revolve around a hidden computer-generated maze. The board consists of a five-by-five grid of squares numbered 1 to 25.

At the beginning of the "Opposite Start" game variation, the computer selects a starting square (identified by number) for each player. The players then race to see who can get through the maze first and reach the opponent's starting square, through trial and error. The players alternate taking turns moving through the maze. A player can move through any number of squares until the player runs into a wall, at which point the other player gets to take a turn.

There are two solitaire maze games and six two-player games. In the "Blind Alley" variations, the maze includes dead-ends that force a player to backtrack to get back on the correct path. In the "Back to Start" variations, when a player runs into a wall the player's pawn is returned to the starting square, adding a memory element to the game. In the standard "Maze" game, both players start on the same square and are racing to reach the same destination square.

The plastic game board features a two-digit LED readout, red and green LED's (which correspond to the color of the opposing playing pieces), and a storage compartment for the four playing pieces (plastic pawns and start/finish space markers). A 9-volt battery or AC adapter is required.