Vectrex 01 The Vectrex is an 8-bit console designed by Smith Engineering and distributed by General Consumer Electric (a subsidiary of General Electric), and later by the Milton Bradley Company. The Vectrex was the only home console to make hardware use of vector graphics (the same as bar classics such as Space Wars, Asteroids, Battlezone and Tempest) to play games on the integrated screen. Vectrex was also sold in the Japanese market under the name Bandai Vectrex Kousokusen.




Vectrex clean sweep 02

Vectrex clean sweep

FAILURESVectrex 02

Problem encountered: With the Sweep Clean game some dots to eat in the game are not at the same distance.
With the game inserted BEDLAM, the menu appears but the game crashes immediately

Solution: IC204 RAM broken.

cartridge vectrex


Cartridge V.1.0 with demo e games

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