Texas Instruments Starburst lcd analogue watch.

Introduced in July 1978. The first analog watch without moving parts.

Gently used - rare, very stylish and unusual 1978 Texas Instruments, "STARBURST" mens LCD analog display wrist watch. This was one of the first watches that revolutionized the wrist watch market using a high precision digital display. The watch is highly accurate!
This watch also has the unique feature of having 7 different timekeeping functions are at your fingertips:

Normal Display = Hours & Minutes
Minutes : Seconds ...1 button push up
Day / Date ... 2 button push up
Alternate Time Zone... push button up together with button down
Stopwatch Mode # 1 = Hour Minute ...push button down
Stopwatch Mode # 2 = Minute / Second...second push button down
Stopwatch Mode # 3 = Seconds / Tenths...thirt push button down

the difference between the first timezone and the second timezone are 1 or 2 stripes of the hours marker.

A fine example of a first totally electronic quartz LCD analog. The combination of several technology firsts made the watch design practical.
Among the technology firsts for this watch were: 1) Use of low voltage liquid crystal material for multiplexed LCD watches displays. 2) Use of a lithium-manganese dioxide cell for watch LCD's. 3) Use of an I2L chip to drive watch LCD's. 4) Use of only 26 contacts for 120 display elements using two-way multiplexing. The watch design, called "Starburst," was manufactured until 1981 when TI closed out all watch activity.