Texas Instruments TMS3615 Octave Multiple Tone Synthesizer (2 footages)


tms36152 footages ( 16', 8', or 8', 4' or 4', 2')
Sustain of the output signals is possible by simply connecting a capacitor (1 uF) to each key input
Sustain decay time adjustable from a few ms to a very long time (key memorization) by connecting a variable voltage to the appropriate terminal
Possibility of controlling the amplitude swing of the footage outputs, to minimize the spread among different devices, by connecting a simple external network to the appropriate terminal.
Asynchronous reset to synchronize devices of different ocataves.
Single power supply 15v or 12v typical.
Clock output for lower ocatave device


tms 3615 solton s20 organInside ORGANO SOLTON KETRON S20 ( ITALY 1980 )