Schoenherr Gmbh 

Schoenherr GmbH, Horb (Germany) was founded in 1974 by Mr. Schoenherr. He invented in 1975 the world’s first Braille element that could display and erase Braille characters. This patented invention was the prerequisite for developing Braille displays which enabled access to the world of computers for the blind. In 1980 Mr. Schoenherr was awarded with the Louis-Braille-Prize and Schoenherr GmbH introduced with the Braillotron TI-30, the first electronic calculator using a refreshable Braille cell for output. In 1981 he was killed in an accident and two years later the company was taken over by the "Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt", a non-profit-organization in Marburg as EHG GmbH and was the production site for Braille displays. Since 1994 the company re-firmed as EHG Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH.

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