Litronix, Inc., (Cupertino, CA) was an early light-emitting diode (LED) company that became a leading supplier of displays for handheld calculators and digital watches (e.g. the Hamilton Pulsar line).
Litronix Malaysia Sdn Bhd located in Penang was established in March 1972 with 7-segment light-emitting diode (LED) displays as initial products. Within a few years, the company expanded its product base into LED related consumer products such as LED watches, calculators and LED games. By 1981, Litronix Malaysia was purchased by Siemens in 1976. Today, the plant produces optoelectronic couplers, displays and intelligent displays and custom designed optoelectronic devices. Siemens Penang now has a workforce of 1,200 employees on premises with a total area of 15,330 square meters.

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