Toshiba's early history has two strands: 1875 saw the establishment of Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works), Japan's first manufacturer of telegraphic equipment. Its founder, Hisashige Tanaka (1799-1881), was well known from his youth for inventions that included mechanical dolls and a perpetual clock. Under the name Shibaura Seisaku-sho (Shibaura Engineering Works), his company became one of Japan's largest manufacturers of heavy electrical apparatus. In 1890, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd., was established as Japan's first plant for electric incandescent lamps. Subsequent diversification saw the company evolve as a manufacturer of consumer products. In 1899, the company was renamed Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co.).
In 1939, these two companies, leaders in their respective fields, merged to form an integrated electric equipment manufacturer, Tokyo Shibaura Denki (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.). The company was soon well known as 'Toshiba', which became its official name in 1978.
Toshiba, a world leader in high technology, is today an integrated manufacturer of electrical and electronic products spanning information & communications equipment and systems (PC and other computer systems, storage devices, telecommunications equipment, social automation systems, medical electronics equipment, space related products, etc.), electronic components & materials (semiconductors, electron tubes, optoelectronic devices, liquid crystal display, batteries, printed circuits boards, etc.), power systems & industrial equipment (industrial apparatus, power generating plants, transportation equipment, elevators & escalators, etc.) and consume products (video and digital home products, home appliances, etc.).

Toshiba plays an important role in the history of Texas Instrument‘s calculators. The only official reported calculator manufactured by Toshiba and sold under the TI brand is the TI-66. Anyway, if you dig deeper into some other calculators like the TI-1106, TI-1750 or TI-1790 you’ll notice more than the influence of Toshiba’s calculator chips. Toshiba TEC Corporation is the proven manufacturer of most desktop calculators introduced by Texas Instruments between 1981 and 1988. Today most calculators developed and manufactured by Texas Instruments and their OEM partners use a "brain" with the Toshiba logo.

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