computer funModel: Computer Fun
Battery: 4 x AA
AC adapter:
Year: 1990

Chip: TSP50C44 (CSM44017), TSP60C19 (CMM19040), HD44102, HD44105

Info: Texas Instruments introduced with the Computer Fun a perfect combination of their superb speech synthesizer technology known from products like the Super Speak & Spell and the appearance of a small notebook. othing else than the British speaking edition of the Computer Fun introduced two years earlier in the United States.


crazy club houseModel: Crazy Club House
Battery: 4 x AA
AC adapter:
Year: 1994


Info: made in China


DatamanModel: Dataman
Battery: 9 volt

AC adapter:
Year: 1979

Chip: TMC1982





dotto conta parlaModel: Dotto conta e parla 
Battery: 4 x AA alkaline
AC adapter:
Year: 1986
Chip: TMS50C40

dotto conta parlaIdotto conta parlanfo:Dotto Conta-Parla manufactured in March 1986 by Texas Instruments Rieti, Italy. The printed circuit board (PCB) of the educational toy is centered around a TMS50C40 standard Voice Synthesis Processor (VSP) chip. 





super el loro parlanchin espModel: El loro parlanchin 
Battery: 4 x 1,5 C

AC adapter: AC9199
Year: 1991


Info: Super Line