CBL systemModel: CBL system
Battery:  4 x AA    CBL bag
Year: 1999
Chip: CPU: Hitachi HD6433813  RAM: W2465S  ADC: AD7776
Info:  Texas Instruments introduced in 1994 with the Calculator-Based Laboratory™ System (CBL™) a portable and versatile data collection device for math and science. A wide variety of sensors, such as a Motion Detector, Dual-Range Force Sensor, pH system, Colorimeter, and Barometer, can be connected to the CBL interface. In this configuration the battery powered CBL could be uses a stand-alone data logger even outside the classroom for experiments. LC programmer 


magnetic field probeVernier Magnetic Field Probe

dual channel amplifierVernier Dual Channel Amplifier

acceleration probeVernier Acceleration Probe

microphone probeVernier Microphone Probe

dual force probeVernier Dual Force Probe

Motion DetectorVernier Motion Detector

Vernier Current ProbeVernier Current Probe