s l500 (1)Description: Our cover can be used to replace BP-6, BP-7, BP-8, BP-9 battery packs, but using a 9 volt battery. It was s l500 (2)designed and built to give new life to your beloved calculators! The new cover is built with the non-toxic material called PLA using 3D printing, the color is black, but you can have other colors such as red and transparent. It can be used with the following calculators:

(SR-51-II, TI-57(1977), TI-51-III, TI-55, TI-57 (1978), TI-42 MBA, MBA)

( TI-15, TI-30, TI-31, TI-33, TI-41, TI-45, BA, BA1, Money Manager,TI- Programmer, TI-45)


The most important thing for inserting and removing the cover from the compartment from the calculator is the use of a 2 cent coin. VERY IMPORTANT not to break the hook tab!