TI 0500 01Model: TI-500
Adapter: 120 vac
Year: 1974
Chip:TMS0203, TMS0221, TMC0305
This rare TI-500 was introduced in the year 1974 and seems to be a sibling of the TI-450 and TI-620.The TI-500 is based on the TMS0200 Chipset for 12-digit desktop calculators but misses the usual 12-digit display.TI 0500 02 Related calculators using this chip set are the SR-20 and SR-22. The first usage of the TMS0200 Building Blocks were the TI-4000 and the Canon 121F. The architecture found in this TI-500 differs greatly from these calculators, it uses the  Data Chip TMS0203, ROM Chip TMC0305, adding the Printer Chip TMS0221 to control the drum printer.