TI 0030 ledTI 30Model: TI-30 LEDTI 0030 led 1
Battery: 9 volt or RK2
Adapter: AC9132 or AC9182
Year: 1976 Price: Lire 19.000 + 14 % iva
Chip: TMC0981           
Info:On the right the test calculator used in the Rieti plant to test the TMC0981 chips. From an advertisement of the time! The most Famous. The TI-30 scientific calculator is more famous because it is the best-selling in the world (10 million units). In fact, no other calculator, at the same price, can give you the same performance at the same quality level. With the TI-30 you have the 8-digit display. The SOA (algebraic operating system) to set the expressions in the same sequence in which you write them, 15 levels of parentheses, memory, trigonometric functions, plus with the security of TI assistance even after a one year warranty!