eur 2001Model: Eur-2001
Battery:  LR54
Year: 1999
Info:The €-2001 calculator combines the usual basic calculator functions with a very convenient Euro currency conversion. All of the 11 yet defined exchange rates are preprogrammed in the calculator, 4 additional ones could be added later. The home country is selected with the Select-key. Two additional keys allow the conversion in both directions. A similar calculator using a desktop housing was introduced with the €-1796 and the €-2003.A simpler calculator was sold with the €-2000. Searching calculators in Europe without the Euro-conversion was difficult in 1999, one example is the TI-1726.In 2006 Texas Instruments surprised customers in Europe with a complete new family of Euro Calculators labeled EC-3, EC-5 and EC-7 Pro.