grillo parlanteModel:  Grillo Parlante
Battery: 4 x 1,5 C

AC adapter:

Info: Italian series


Fixing a power supply  Grillo Parlante! The easiest fault to find is when it does not turn on, probably due to the incorrect connection of an external power supply.
Connect the battery or the external power supply 6 VDC 500 mA
Check with the tester that there are 6 volts between pins 3 (gnd) and 4 (vbat), this is the battery voltage.
Check that there is -17 volts between pins 3 (gnd) and 5 (display+speaker).

Check that there is -3,5 volts between pins 3 (gnd) and 6 (uC).

Without these last two values our Grillo Parlante will not work! Check and replace Q1 (2sb562 pnp)


 speak and spell ita socketAfter many requests for repairs of Grillo Parlante, we had to set up a forklift to test the three chips that make up the game. I thought the pitch of the integrated circuits was 1.27mm, but no it's a little less than 1.25, so I had to take a strip with 1.27 gold-plated terminals, open it and use the individual terminals.

CD2702AN2    Microcontroller
TMC0350DNL Word Rom
CD2801NL      Speech Synthesizer


 grillo parlante  tastiera (8)Fix a membrane keyboard  Grillo Parlante! I hope with this last phase I can help all those who want to try repairing Jiminy Cricket. Often the failure to turn on is due to the membrane keyboard which has some closed keys. The new sticker is available to put in place of the old one.




 grillo parlante  tastiera (6)1) Remove the keyboard gently, as you can see it is not completely attached to the case, follow the edge of the keyboard.



grillo parlante  tastiera (4)

2) Once the keyboard has been removed, clean the contact points of the case with isopropyl alcohol.




grillo parlante  tastiera (1)grillo parlante  tastiera (3)3) The same goes for cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

 4) This is another type of keyboard but the same applies. Open it and clean with isopropyl alcohol.



 grillo parlante  tastiera (5)5) Insert the keyboard you removed holding it still, it would be better not to remove all the adhesive paper around it after cutting.



grillo parlante  tastiera (4)grillo parlante  tastiera (7)6) We have had new stickers printed to use in case the removed one is damaged or torn.

7) Work finished.