TI-EZ-430Model: TI-EZ-430 Code: ok
WCase: black plastic WBand: rubber bracelet Face:  LCD 
Manual: Yes  Box: No  Light: no
Year: 2010 Price: xxxx
Function: The watch has many functions
Info: The eZ430-Chronos software development tool is a highly integrated, wearable, wireless development system that is based on the CC430F6137. It may be used as a reference platform for watch systems, a personal display for personal area networks, or as a wireless sensor node for remote data collection. Based on the CC430F6137 sub-1-GHz RF SoC, the eZ430-Chronos is a complete development system featuring a 96-segment LCD display, an integrated pressure sensor, and a three-axis accelerometer for motion sensitive control. The integrated wireless interface allows the eZ430-Chronos to act as a central hub for nearby wireless sensors such as pedometers and heart-rate monitors. The eZ430-Chronos offers temperature and battery voltage measurement and is complete with a USB-based CC1111 wireless interface to a PC. The eZ430-Chronos watch may be disassembled to be reprogrammed with custom applications and includes an eZ430 USB programming interface.