lcm 1001 cpuThe Texas Instruments SBP0400 (SBP = silicon bipolar), also known as SBC 0400 and X0400, is a microprogrammable 4-bit slice processor that was introduced in 1976 (delivery began in December 1975).It was one of the first VLSI processors and was the first device in the USA based on I²L technology (integrated injection logic). It was used for research and teaching purposes in the aerospace industry (NASA)and in the learning computer LCM-1001 (Texas Instruments, 1976). This microprocessor learning computer was probably the company's first.


lcm 1001 book In addition to the SBP0400, the learning computer contains a 74279 latch and a rechargeable battery. It is powered by a 7 V power supply unit. It is operated via a total of 20 toggle switches, which are divided into nine micro-operation switches, four data input switches, six control switches and the main switch. The switch position "down" or "left" corresponds to digital "0" or LOW; the position "up" or "right" corresponds to "1" or HIGH. The switch position at "1" is additionally indicated by a red LED lighting up. Nine further LEDs are used as output, four each for data and address, and one for ALUCOUT (ALU carry-out). The commands are entered bit by bit, whereby the 9-bit microinstruction word is divided into four ALU command bits, two target operand and three source operand bits. The least significant bit position (LSB) within each of the three groups is on the right. After each data input or expected output, the "CLOCK" push-button must be pressed to write the command to the command register and increase the command counter.lcm 1001 battery

Depending on the command used, the input is then made via the four data switches. The control switches are: ALUCIN (ripple-carry in), PCPRI (program counter priority, required to turn on the output LEDs on the address bus, PCCIN (program counter carry-in), ENCBY2 (enable program counter increment by a displacement of 1 or 2), POS1, POS0 (most significant, intermediate, or least significant position of the processor slice in a cascade). A DIL-40 socket serves as an optional extension by three further modules of the LCM-1000 series or own modules. The pin assignment is identical to that of the SBP0400 (power supply at the second INJECTOR pin - pin 40).


lcm 1001 cpulcm 1001 uprogrammerLCM-1001 base device ($ 149,95)



lcm 1002 controller 00lcm 1002 controllerLCM-1002 controller module for micro programming with 256×20 bit PROM ($ 189,95)



lcm 1003 memory 00lcm 1003 memoryLCM-1003 memory module containing 1024 12-bit words ($ 189,95)



lcm 1004 in out 00lcm 1004 in outLCM-1004 input/output module ($ 109,95)