The SYM-1 is a single board "trainer" computer produced by Synertek Systems in 1975. It was designed by Ray Holt. Originally called the VIM-1 (Versatile Input Monitor), that name was later changed to SYM-1.The SYM-1 is a close copy of the popular MOS Technology KIM-1 system, with which it is compatible to a large extent. Compared to the KIM-1, enhancements include the ability to run on a single +5 volt power supply, an enhanced monitor ROM, three configurable ROM/EPROM sockets, RAM expandable on board to 4 KB, an RS-232 serial port, and a "high speed" (185 bytes/second, the KIM-1 supports about 8 bytes/second) audio cassette storage interface. It also features on-board buffer circuits to ease interfacing to "high voltage or high current" devices.

One capability of the SYM-1 is its ability to allow an oscilloscope to be added to provide a 32 character display under software control. As explained in Chapter 7 of the "SYM Reference Manual", the vertical input, ground and trigger input of the oscilloscope are to be connected to the "Scope Out" connector AA on the SYM-1 board. The "Oscilloscope Output Driver Software" code provided in this chapter of the manual is to be entered into the SYM-1's memory and executed to enable the oscilloscope display. This code provides control of the oscilloscope display, as well as a rudimentary character set. Resistors R42 and R45 are to be adjusted to refine the displayed image.


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