Architectural Data CorpModel: Architectural Data Corp Data Dimensioner
Battery: 3 x ni-cd AA
Adapter: ???
Year: 1985
Chip:  TI ADC1984C (C11202NL) uPD7225G
Info: Architectural Data Corp introduced in 1984 with the Data Dimensioner ® an innovative product to calculate with mixed dimensions such as feet, inches, fractions and convert them to their metric or decimal equivalents.


 ADCMain components on the PCB are a Texas Instruments single-chip microcontroller with the markings ADC1984C and C11202NLsupported  byadc1 a standard LCD driver NEC uPD7225G. Architectural Data Corp replaced the complete electronics of the TI-58C calculator and swapped the power hungry LED-Display with a then state-of-the-art LC-Display with two lines and alphanumerical font.