toko mini b 00toko mini b 01toko mini b 02Model: TOKO mini 8
Battery:  4 x AA 

Adapter: 6 vdc
Chip:  TMS0101NC
Info: Made in Japan. According to the Toko, Inc., website, Toko was established in Tokyo in 1955 as a manufacturer of components for portable radios with the name TOKO Radio Coil Laboratories. The firm continues to manufacture electronic components.This relatively large handheld electronic calculator has a plastic case and eighteen square keys with rounded corners. These include ten digit keys, a decimal point key, a total key, four arithmetic function keys, a clear entry key, and a clear key. A switch on the right of the top row of keys can be set to having the constant (K) on or off. Behind this is an on/off switch. Test left of it reads: TOKO MINI-8. Behind this is an eight-digit green vacuum fluorescent display. A jack for a power adapter is on the right side.