TI 0045 1vModel: TI-45 1 version
Battery: BP8 or BP9
Adapter: AC9900
Year: 1977
Chip: TMC1983
Info:At first glance is the European TI-45 identical to the SR-40. Surprisingly the TI-45 features a green vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), a major exception in the Majestic-line. Dismantling this TI-45 manufactured in September 1978 by Texas Instruments in their Rieti, Italy facility reveals a slightly more complex design than the SR-40 sporting a red LED display. Main reason is the higher operating voltage of the VF-Display, engineers at Texas Instruments are using a very effective way to generate -22 Volts out o the 9V battery with a simple voltage multiplier using just four diodes and four capacitors and an charge-pump oscillator integrated on the TMC1980 single-chip calculator circuit. Two variations of the TI-45 were reported, they differ in the mask over the display. View the later model with a molded TI-logo and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS nameplate. 

 TI 0045 v1 01On the side you can see the serial, the date of construction 53 week of 1977 and the nation of manufacture Italy.